February 28, 2013 9 12 AM mctrailers

Explanation of ramp gates on these aluminum motorcycle trailers by Aluma.  Thanks to John at www.BestPriceTrailers.com

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February 25, 2013 9 54 AM mctrailers

nice photo album of a custom 26 foot aluminum stacker trailer here: https://www.facebook.com/car.trailers

stacker trailer

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January 31, 2013 10 10 PM mctrailers

Nice quick video on Aluma trailers.

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December 26, 2012 10 19 AM jeffshults

Bike Week Daytona Beach 2013

Down town Main Street

Downtown Daytona Beach, Florida is getting ready once again for the influx of custom Motorcycles and it’s riders!  We are extremely excited for this years event and are looking forward to some great weather and a great show.  The festivities are wide ranging from poker rides for charity to the races at the world renowned Daytona International Speedway.   There is something for just about everyone to see and do.  We are proud to be located right in the heart of the action and can’t wait to hear the rumbles.  The most important thing for us all to remember is to be safe and look out for the riders.  Bikers will be in masses during the event and usually ride in packs.. however,  they are still hard to see sometimes and it is very important that all drivers keep a close watch for them.  Look both ways.. and then look again before pulling out of side streets, especially when there are parked cars or bikes in the line of site.  We love motorcycle enthusiasts and want to do our part in keeping them safe so they can return next year.

 custom bikes a plenty

The joy of riding a custom motorcycle down main street with all eyes on you is a thrill to behold and we look forward to the action.  Most of the rides will be brought to Daytona bike week on or in a trailer.   Custom motorcycle trailers will also be on display at Daytona this year.  If you own a prized custom motorcycle trailer and are coming to Daytona this March,  stop by our location on Ridgewood ave in Holly Hill and check out the new rides for your ride!!   As always   be safe and ride with pride, and always wear safety equipment to protect yourself.

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December 19, 2012 11 20 AM Jeff Shults

Customizing your Trailer

Anyone that has a custom motorcycle knows the value of keeping it clean and taking care of their investment.  Many times this means having a trailer to haul your prized possession to and from shows and events.  The idea of a custom built motorcycle trailer may not be first on your mind when looking for that hauler for your cycle, however  why would you want to buy something run of the mill and ordinary to house and haul a valuable commodity?  The idea of customizing a trailer to match or at least accent the bike is not new by any means.  As technology progresses with just about every other part of our lives, the same thing is happening with motorcycle trailers as well, and custom aluminum motorcycle trailers have become more and more popular.  There are so many features and options available today that were not even a thought back in the day, and the quality of build and fit and finish detail of some makes will turn heads just as the custom motorcycle will.  To the average Joe, a trailer is just a trailer and the cheapest one available that will hold the bike will be enough.  To the motorcycle enthusiast however, the trailer becomes just as much a part of the show as the bike.  Let us talk with you about your custom bike and we can set up a custom motorcycle trailer that not only hauls and keeps it clean, but enhances the features that you have so much pride in.  Whether you are looking to show off the bike while in transit with one of our superior clear trailers, or something that matches the rig that you pull it with,  we have the expertise to turn an ordinary trailer into a custom motorcycle trailer that will enhance you, as well as your prized motorcycle.

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December 19, 2012 11 19 AM longrooffan

Interest In The Tandem Tow Dolly Continues To Increase

Daytona Beach Florida-  “Interest in Tandem Tow Trailers continues to increase,” commented Robin Hanger, owner of The Car Shop Trailer Sales in Holly Hill, Florida.  “We first saw  a general interest in Tandem Tow Trailers several years ago as our buyers realized the need to transport both a traditional vehicle as well as a golf cart or a couple of their motorcycles.  At the time the only way to achieve this was to utilize a large trailer which often times exceeded mandated DOT lengths,”  Hanger said, “especially when towed behind a motorcoach.  At that time, RaceCityRV introduced the concept of a traditional car tow dolly with a platform across the front to transport bikes, trikes or golf carts in a much reduced overall footprint.  It has been thoroughly accepted by the marketplace.”


RaceCityRV developed the Tandem Tow Trailer and its success was such that the original owners decided to accept a buy out offer early this year from Elite Metal Products, a large custom metal fabrication company looking to expand into the burgeoning baby boomer leisure lifestyle market.  The Tandem Tow Trailer appears to fit that desire perfectly.


“When Elite Metal Products acquired the rights to the Tandem Tow Trailer, they decided to concentrate their efforts on the construction of the best selling HD (heavy duty) series of the that line,” said Jeff Shults, Sales Manager for www.bestpricetrailers.com. “The light weight series was just not quite large enough to satisfy the needs of the majority our customers and Elite saw that market and took the bold step to focus solely on the HD line.  This line is capable of towing, in different configurations, anything from a single motorcycle and a smallish vehicle such as Kia Soul up to the largest model which can accommodate anything from a pair of full dresser motorcycles, or two golf carts or ATV’s or even a trike and a small scooter, that is in addition to towing a vehicle as large as a Cadillac Escalade on the traditional tow dolly in the rear.”


The wheel deck for the traditional tow dolly on the rear of a Tandem Tow Trailer has several different slots in which it can be positioned so as to allow the tongue weight of the trailer to be adjusted to minimize the load on the tow vehicle.  The location of the wheel deck is determined by the weight of what is being placed on the platform.  The heavier the weight on the platform, the further to the rear of the Tandem Tow Trailer the wheel deck is placed thus offsetting the weight on the tongue and reducing the resultant wear and tear on the tow vehicle.


“Sometimes I cannot believe the excitement about the Tandem Tow Trailer,” commented Mike Piazza, Sales Associate for www.bestpricetrailers.com. “Our firm ordered a bunch of these several months back and the interest is such that I am selling them prior to their completion and our buyers are traveling to the factory in Mooresville, North Carolina to pick them up.  There is such an interest in them that once a trailer load of them does hit the ground here in Florida, people are literally swarming all over them,” noted Mike.  “One of my Sales Associates was working with a client from over in Central Florida who didn’t want to commit to the purchase of one until he saw one in person.  When we had sold out our allocation of them without his client getting one, that client became somewhat irate with my associate when he found out they had sold out without him getting one,” Piazza recalled.  “Fortunately, we were able to work out the timing of the delivery of another buyer’s trailer and we were able to get his client the Tandem Tow Trailer he needed to meet his traveling schedule.  That was a challenge but the opportunity to fulfill a customer’s needs made it all worthwhile.”


“The Tandem Tow Trailer was a success immediately upon its initial release and, with the refinements Elite Metal Products has brought to the design, I fully expect its popularity to continue to grow.  As more people are aware of its existence and the economy of its use, we anticipate almost exponential growth in sales over the next several years,” concluded Robin Hanger.


TCS Trailer Sales in Holly Hill, Florida, the largest distributor of The Tandem Tow Trailers in the United States, also offers a wide range of trailers from a 4’x8’ steel open trailers, open and enclosed aluminum motorcycle trailers, car and race car haulers and stacker trailers designed to your specifications.  TCS Trailers sales associates may be reached at 877-258-1445 or at www.bestpricetrailers.com.


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June 29, 2012 2 55 PM longrooffan

The Clear Trailer

Robin Hanger, owner of Best Price Trailer (bestpricetrailers.com) and the designer of the Clear Trailer (cleartrailer.com) has created a product that has quickly become one of the most coveted items for car and motorcycle dealers nationwide.

The idea and concept for the Clear Car HaulerTrailer, a fully customizable transparent mobile trailer, initially came at a show Robin Hanger attended in 2004. A local charity was raffling off a motorcycle and was showcasing it in one of Robin’s clear trailers. Amid the onlookers, someone commented to Robin that he would love to showcase his vintage cars but the loading and unloading onto a trailer was not possible to do alone. At that moment, Robin realized the potential for the clear car hauler trailer market.

Robin finalized his design, a predominately clear trailer that would withstand weather elements and travel hazards while showcasing cars and motorcycles and began looking for a major manufacturer to produce his trailer. In the fall of 2009, Robin was approached by Pace American, a major national trailer manufacturing company. Realizing the soundness of the product concept and its potential, Pace took on the manufacturing process and together worked with Robin to add improvements and further refinements to the original design.

With Pace American, Robin Hanger has taken the Clear Trailer product to a new level and a new market. The potential uses for the Clear Trailer are unlimited. “In addition to car and motorcycle dealers, I ‘ve been approached by many other industries including gym equipment companies, cabinet sales firms and many others who realize the ease and affordability the Clear Trailer provides to showcase their products,” Robin recently disclosed.

Fully customizable to best suit the showcased product, the Clear Trailer can be built in a variety of sizes from five feet by eight feet to twenty four foot car haulers to fifty three foot stacker car hauler trailers. With products on display, the Clear Trailer creates greater efficiency as well as providing cost reductions. Items only need to be loaded once as the Clear Trailer is towed and parked at the final destination with the product display completed thus eliminating multiple set up and tear downs of product displays thus resulting in more time and financial efficiencies. Greater exposure is another benefit of the Clear Trailer.  ”Imagine the exposure your firm and products receive with your product on display while moving on major roadways,” commented Robin recently. “The concept is really unprecedented.”

The Clear Trailer has already been featured at come of the most prestigious car and motorcycle veniues across the United States. It was featured at the NATDA trade show as well as numerous Bike Week functions in Daytona Beach, Florida.  A couple of the more notable Clear Trailer displays are its use in housing NASCAR Legend Marvin Panch’s fully restored 1960 Pontiac Catalina race car as well as a full size replica of a Ford Explorer constructed entirely of Legos on display at LegoLand theme park in Winter Haven, Florida.

With a new blind system developed that prevents onlookers from being able to see inside, the Clear Trailer is also a safe way to transport items without fear of theft. The non-visible option also allows for secrecy culminating in dramatic unveilings. Our clients love this product and the reviews have been fantastic,” commented Robin recently.

With Pace American filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the summer of 2011, Robin and his team scrambled to find a replacement manufacturer for the Clear Trailer. After a thorough search, Robin decided to award the construction rights to Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC), a premiere trailer manufacturer. ATC, with their superior engineering and construction abilities, further refined the Clear Trailer and is now producing them on both steel and aluminum frames in all lengths and styles.

Given ATC’s strict quality control structure and a Best Price Trailers national marketing database, this team is clearly poised to take the Clear Trailer to new heights.

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June 19, 2012 8 59 AM mctrailers

All aluminum construction motorcycle trailer with bathroom package.  Aluminum frame, floor and all aluminum cabinets make this much lighter than most toyhauler style trailers.
motorcycle trailer with bathroom

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October 20, 2010 12 00 AM longrooffan

The Woody Trailer

The Woody Motorcycle Trailer

Robin Hanger

I have lived, breathed and slept trailers for almost as long as I can remember.  Every time I see something cool and unique I try to determine if there is a way to incorporate it into a trailer.  I am also a huge fan of old cars.  I try to attend every car show we have in the greater Daytona Beach area. 

A couple years ago, while I was attending a local car show I spotted the bed of a 1957 Chevrolet pick up truck.  It was the old school style with a wooden floor and stainless steel strips running the length of it to hold the wood in place.

I thought this concept could be applied to the floor of an upscale motorcycle trailer.  I fine tuned the design of it and started interviewing trailer manufacturers.   I have built custom trailers with nearly every quality trailer manufacturer out there with quite a bit of success with them all.  I decided for this one I would work with a fairly new trailer manufacturer, inTech Trailers.  We were able to get it designed and built in time to take it to the N.A.T.D.A. show in Louisville, Kentucky that year.

It was a huge success and we sold it the day we brought it home to a Florida Gator fan who uses it, in addition to transporting his motorcycles, to tailgate at University of Florida football games.  He loves it and the attention it receives from everyone.

The trailer itself was remarkable, not only due to the hardwood floor, but also to the many features we incorporated into it.

LED spot lights set at floor level to accentuate the wood floor; Upgraded rear ramp door latches with built in RV style locks; Polished stainless steel accents on the exterior; 110 volt power throughout with recessed lights in the ceiling; an on board battery concealed in the base of the center cabinet provides power to run the 12 volt lights; premium LED slimline taillights and running lights; and finally the copper vein kick plate on the interior with wood trim really sets off the veining in the wood floor.

This trailer is really remarkable and when he comes down to Daytona Beach for Bike Week he brings it by The Car Shop Trailer Sales lot and it always draws a crowd.

(Source: bestpricetrailers.com)

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1 note October 7, 2010 12 00 AM mctrailers

Custom Clear Motorcycle Trailer for BMW s1000rr

This is a custom motorcycle trailer with clear sides designed for the BMW Dragbike. Robin Hanger is proud that the BMW Motorrad USA dragbike team chose to use a Clear Trailer to transport their s1000rr motorcycle.  

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Thanks for all your help putting together the clear trailer for the BMW Motorrad USA dragbike team. The only trouble I see with the it, is that everywhere I go folks say nice trailer, and don’t notice the dragbike! Seriously our bike looks amazing in the trailer and the service and support your team has provided is second to none. Here is a TV video clip that shows just how effective the trailer is for our display purposes. Thanks again for all your effort.

- Justin (BMW Motorrad)

(Source: cleartrailers.com)

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