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BikeToberFest 2014 DAYTONA BEACH, FL

BikeToberFest 2014     DAYTONA BEACH, FL

BikeToberFest 2014 is almost here!!   We are getting ready for another great event this year here in Daytona Beach.    I am sure that we are all looking forward to fall  and some much needed cooler weather!   

      Let’s talk about hauling your bikes to the event.   We get a ton of questions about what is the best trailer to carry  motorcycles with ease.   There are a few things to think about when hauling your prized bikes.  How many bikes are you hauling?  What size are the bikes?  what will you be using to pull the trailer with?  These are all very crucial in the choice of a trailer.  There are many ways to set up a trailer to haul motorcycles.   We can set up a basic cargo trailer with simply a rear ramp door and tie points for securing once loaded, or a fully loaded, completely finished out show piece of a trailer to match the tow vehicle   or the bikes themselves.  Most of the aesthetics  are just for show and not a necessity by any means,  but very nice to have.  Budget is the biggest driver of features for  a bike trailer, and we can find something to fit just about any reasonable budget and haul just about any combination of motorcycles.  We are staffed and ready to assist in the set up of the trailer that fits your needs the best.    We can get trailers that are built low and aerodynamic for saving on fuel for the trip,  or full ht for standing up in comfortably even if you are 7’ tall.   One thing to think about is that you will most likely be hauling the trailer for a much longer period of time than you are standing in it,  unless you plan on making the trailer a work station or shop.  The lower the roof ht,  the less wind drag you will incur while towing,  thus saving fuel.   For most full dress bikes, IE  Harley ultra’s or FLH models  Road kings, etc..  are fairly large and require more room to load and secure than some others  such as Fat boys  or springer type or sport bikes.  The general rule is that two bikes,  if one is a full dress bike  require a mininum of a 7ft wide trailer to effectively secure them without risk of damage.  If you have a fully loaded bike and a sport bike, you may be able to work with a 6 wide unit,  but we advise against it unless you just can’t tow anything larger.  When towing two large bikes,  we recommend tandem axle (2) axles with electric brakes on both to aid in the stopping of the trailer and tow vehicle much more safely.  This brings up the question of brake controllers for the electric brakes.  Many of the newer pickup trucks are equipped with factory brake controllers in the dash,  however most tow vehicles have no way of controlling the electric brakes on the trailer.  Installing the right electric brake controller will have to be done prior to pulling a trailer that is equipped with electric brakes.  We have a full service shop with technicians on staff to install the proper equipment in your tow vehicle to safely stop you and your trailer.   We also carry all the necessary towing accessories for hooking up your new trailer.   It is very important to tow a tandem axle trailer at as close to level as possible.  This will avoid uneven tire wear as well as rough towing.

     We have many different styles, sizes and price ranges for bike trailers and will have plenty on hand during the upcoming event to take care of your needs.   We carry many different types of wheel chocks for holding the front wheel of your motorcycle while hauling as well as straps for securing them.  Our goal is the make sure you get the right trailer to haul your specific bikes not too much trailer for your tow vehicle or too little trailer for loading your bikes comfortably.  Stop by and meet our staff and check out all the new inventory at 950 Ridgewood ave,  Holly Hill, Fl    just a short ride from the Beach, Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach or the World famous Daytona International Speedway.   The Car Shop Trailer Sales  877-258-1445  

contact: for more information and pricing

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March 7, 2014 12 04 PM mctrailers

It’s Back! The original InTech Trailers custom “WOODY” motorcycle trailer by Robin Hanger will be on display durring Daytona Beach Bike Week 2014 at the showroom.  Come see this retro styled trailer, inspired by the wood beds found in many 1950s pick up trucks. This custom motorcycle trailer is sure to turn heads with solid red Oak flooring, seemless/screwless exterior and a complete entertainment system.

Robin Hanger, owner of, is credited with the original idea and design of this amazing trailer and he is proud to show it off every chance he gets. “A couple years ago, while I was attending a local car show I spotted the bed of a 1957 Chevrolet pick up truck.  It was the old school style with a wooden floor and stainless steel strips running the length of it to hold the wood in place.I thought this concept could be applied to the floor of an upscale motorcycle trailer.” 

 Since then the “WOODY” motorcycle trailer has been used to transport motorcycles and tailgate at the University of Florida football games. Wherever it makes a showing this trailer gives a lasting impression and is truly unforgettable.

If you’re in Dayona Beach during the Bike Week festivities, be sure to stop by at 950 Ridgewood Ave, Holly Hill, just minutes away from any motorcycle destination. The 73rd annual Daytona Beach Bike Week runs from March 7 through the 16th, 2014.

Once lucky person can drive home with this custom trailer. Yes, that’s right. Robin’s original “Woody” inTech Trailer is for sale. Come in, take a look and you can buy this one of a kind original.

inTech Trailers Woody Motorcycle Trailer on sale

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August 19, 2013 12 48 PM motorcycle-trailers

The Cargo Mate 7x12 motorcycle trailer shown above is custom built for low riding Harley Davidson bikes.  The Super Slick two tone setup with blacked out fenders and stoneguard are created for that stealth look. Trendy aluminum wheels and dexter electric brake axles are just a few of the nice features on this custom motorcycle trailer.

motorcycle trailer for harley davidson low rider bikes

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May 20, 2013 4 23 PM mctrailers

This 32 foot Haulmark race trailer is set up to haul a dozen motorcycles.  S & D Transfer from New Jersey had a nice custom trailer and truck.  View the  facebook album

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May 20, 2013 9 02 AM mctrailers

Want to customize your own motorcycle trailer on a budget?  Start with one of these base cargo trailers add the options you want.  These cargo trailers are well built and surprisingly cheap.

Cheap Cargo Trailercheap trailercheap motorcycle trailers

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April 21, 2013 2 53 PM mctrailers

Here’s a chance to pick up a clear motorcycle trailer with see through sides for way less than the price of new.  This is a pre-owned 10 foot enclosed clear trailer custom built trailer at BestPriceTrailers.  Includes a beavertail and 3500# torsion axle.

clear trailer

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March 14, 2013 5 04 PM mctrailers

Custom Covered Tandem Tow Dolly

Back in December, I wrote about how popular tandem tow dollys have become and how interest in them continues to increase. A couple of our customers were concerned about leaving their motorcycles out in the weather while traveling. Although we include an optional 4’ stoneguard on all of the tandem tow dollys we stock to keep road debris away from the front deck, we decided to have enclosures built for the deck area of these.

The cover utilizes the front stoneguard and a hard vinyl round top is on the front and soft vinyl comprises the remainder of the enclosure. Both sides unzip for easy loading and unloading of your bike, trike, golf cart or ATV. There are auxilary straps along the bottom of the sides to attach to the rail alongside the deck and the front portion of the side snaps to the front stoneguard.

This option has quickly caught on and is just another way your can build your custom motorcycle trailer with

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March 6, 2013 4 49 PM mctrailers

Did you know you could search motorcycle trailers for sale. Just use the search box in the upper right corner of this page.

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March 6, 2013 4 47 PM mctrailers

Demo of Swivel Jack on Motorcycle Trailers by Aluma

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February 28, 2013 11 36 AM jeffshults

Buying a new motorcycle during bike week? What to be aware of.

Bike week is upon us!   The weather looks to be good for the event and we are expecting a good crowd.   There are a few things that normally take place here in Daytona that I would just like to take a few moments to write about.  

When traveling to the Daytona Beach, Florida area, most travelers prefer to trailer their prized possession motorcycles along with them.   When they arrive to our beautiful area and begin their biker’s dream vacation, there are some excellent deals on new, used or preowned motorcycles from our local shops.  Daytona Wholesale Motorcycles,  owned by Larry Steele will be offering some incredible deals on all types of cruiser bikes. 

In the event that the deals are just too good to pass up, how do you get your new bike, and your current bike back home?  We have a solution!  

Stop by The Car Shop Trailer Sales aka. and take a look at the new, stylish motorcycle trailers on sale.  We also take trades so you can leave your old trailer with us and drive your new bikes home in a new trailer from The Car Shop Trailer Sales.  

The main thing to remember before you leave on your trip is to bring all your ownership paperwork with you for your current trailer, this way the process of trading in your old trailer will be a breeze.  Being prepared for the unexpected will make buying a new bike and new trailer as enjoyable as riding the loop!

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